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It's not so much you "can't" pass it as you "don't" pass it. There is no input element whose name attribute is "name". After edit: from the screenshot, you should notice it's using a "get" method because, well it says so, and there is a the query string. You'll either need to add a method="post" attribute to the form element, or test for a GET and look at ...


Yes, that's fine. As long as you're using the knowledge you gained in this course, you are free to use whatever language you want.


While I'm not staff, I can tell you that the idea of the final project is to do some non-trivial project using any modern programming tools and environments. So, IMHO, yes, it's perfectly acceptable to do your project as you've suggested! Of course, you're welcome to contact staff too. @curiouskiwi, want to weigh in?

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