I cannot continue week 4 because of this error. Now, I know I have to download the newest version of the appliance, but I would have a question to ask.

Am I going to lose the files I made earlier? More precisely, new version won't overwrite the old one? I haven't submitted pset2 yet.

Thank you! :)

Edit: Just to inform you if anyone wonders, it does asks to uninstall previous version of the appliance, so before all, make sure you saved your files elsewhere. :)


no, you shouldn't lose any files. the hypervisor (i.e., the software, like VirtualBox or VMware, that runs virtual machines, like the appliance) treats each virtual machine independently from the others.

if you import the new appliance while you have the old one imported already, you're gonna have two appliances independent from each others. if you use Dropbox to backup your files, you could even delete the old one.

  • I thought so as well, just wanted to make sure! Thank you! – Lana Sep 27 '15 at 6:52

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