I have joined cs50 in nov-2015, and the last date for submission is 31-12-15.Does this mean i have to restart the course next year.Or will that date be extended as i started late.

thank you

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All submissions for this year are due on 31st of December, that is the only hard deadline to achieve a certificate for the 2015 cs50x.

You are free to do the coursework up until the 31st, you can even submit psets, however come 31st your scores will be removed and the course material from the fall of '15 cs50 will be put in its place.

You are free to resubmit the work you have done on next years course, however some psets may change, which will require a new pset to be produced.

I've been taking this years course since August and I have pset 8 and the final project to do, trust me - 2 months is not enough time to do this course , unless you are actually David J. Malan! Get a head start and do some psets, it can't hurt either way!

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