I'm currently on week 2 of the CS50x on the edX platform. After submiting my source-codes from week 1 I've realized that some of the concepts of the prior week were explained on the lecture of week 2.

I'm wondering now whats the order to take the lectures of the course. Let's say...

  1. Take lectures of week 1 and 2.

  2. Then submit p-sets of week 1.

  3. Repeat the first step with next lessons.

Is that correct?

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The material for each pset is presented in a timely manner and pretty thoroughly. You should do the psets as they are presented. In no case is it necessary to watch material that is presented after a pset to do that pset.

Having said that, there are later concepts that will make some of the early stuff easier, but you should master the earlier material first.

And you're always free to resubmit any pset if you feel you can do better.

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