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Do I need to write a pseudocode to all problem sets and labs?

In the problem sets and labs most of the time the staff don't ask to write a pseudocode. So if they don't write anything about writing the pseudocode in a text file, I don't have to write a pseudocode ...
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What is the difficulty level of cs50 problems?

I am totally new to coding and I struggle a lot with each problem, I learn a lot this way as well. I was wondering what is the actual level of difficulty of these psets? Will someone who studies CS ...
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How do I submit all my problem sets for evaluation?

I have finally went through all problem sets and submitted them (on GitHub and on the Google form for the final project). Now I wonder how to proceed for a request to be graded? It is confusing... at ...
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All my psets are missing from

I have submitted 5 psets - the last one being pset4 'recover' about 3 weeks ago - all were graded. Yet when I go to now, it appears that I have made no submissions and am not a member of any ...
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Help on taking CS50x course

I'm currently on week 2 of the CS50x on the edX platform. After submiting my source-codes from week 1 I've realized that some of the concepts of the prior week were explained on the lecture of week 2. ...
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pdf format for psets 2016 version

Last year pdf-s were available for all psets, including hacker versions. I know cs50 staff is checking this forum, hence I would like to ask if you are planning to upload pdfs. I will be very ...
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How much time will completing the requirements for CS50x take?

I'm a beginner to coding, and I've completed psets 0 through 4 as of the 14th of November. Is it possible for me to complete the requirements before the 31st? If so, how much time will I have to ...
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why are the pset numbers different from the week numbers that they are in?

I have searched for lot of questions like this but still haven't found a straight forward answer. The pset2 is under week 3. should I do pset2 after completing week 2 or week 3? The section of ...
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