Okay so I can get around solving psets but I would really like to share my solutions with someone who can give feedback on my implementation and suggest better ways to implement it. Is there any way to get feedback?

One way I figured out was if CS50 staff's implementation of psets were made available, but I think its not possible.

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You are free to share your code privately with other students who have already completed the same problem set or who are not taking the course (and don't plan to). There's not really a mechanism for doing that on Stack Exchange, but both reddit and Facebook have support for private conversations, so I would recommend asking in one of those groups if anyone would be willing to give you feedback.

Be sure to specify which problem set, and standard or hacker edition (if applicable).

  • Ok Thanks a lot .
    – userXktape
    Jul 14, 2014 at 6:30

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