Right now I'm taking cs50 for the honor code certificate. But in the very near future I plan to get its id-verified certificate too. My question is: can I use the same assignments that I am doing right now to submit for my id verified certificate too? Or will I be required to do all the assignments yet again? Or can I just use my already submitted assignments (while taking the honor code certificate) to get the id-verified certificate? Kindly answer!


Yes, you don't have to resubmit. When you pay for a Verified certificate, you will get a different certificate at the end (if you pass) but otherwise the requirements are identical and your already-submitted work is counted towards it.

This comparison chart tells you the differences between the various options. As you can see, the deadline for applying for an edX-Verified certificate is 31 Dec 2014, the same day as for the honor code certificate.

You must be signed into your edX account in order to submit your psets. As such, it makes sense that anything you submit before you "upgrade to verified" will count towards the verified certificate.

If there were any checks done during the course period, it would not be feasible to allow students to get "verified" on the very last day of the course. As such, I assume that any earlier submissions are valid. The worse case scenario is that you are required to resubmit all of your existing files, but you certainly would not be expected to redo the work.

I have not switched a course midstream from Honor Code to Verified, so my answer is based on my own common sense.


Thanks curiouskiwi for the response. Do you have any personal experience of having taken a course as first an honor code and then the id verified certificate using the same submissions? If yes then I'm confused as to how one's honor code submissions can become id verified since the honor code submissions can be done by anyone and there's no "proof" that one has done them himself .. and by just paying $90 those "fake" submissions would give one an id verified certificate? Kindly elaborate a bit. Thanks!

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