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I'm using cs50 IDE version 56 and trying to run the staffs version of pset6 for days but can't find what's going wrong . Thank you !

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There's a typo in your wget command. The -o (little letter o) switch outputs a log file, in this case ~cs50/pset6/server. The correct switch is -O (big letter O). Here's how the man page for wget describes that switch:

-O file
The documents will not be written to the appropriate files, but all will be concatenated together and written to file. If - is used as file, documents will be printed to standard output, disabling link conversion. (Use ./- to print to a file literally named -.)
Use of -O is not intended to mean simply "use the name file instead of the one in the URL;" rather, it is analogous to shell redirection: wget -O file http://foo is intended to work like wget -O - http://foo > file; file will be truncated immediately, and all downloaded content will be written there.

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