I'm on pset two an just came across the debugging lessons, in he videos theres a run and debug button on the toppart of the screen, but I cannot find it on the IDE I saw some secreenshts and seems like other people have it too, now the debug tab on the side is there, but I've been looking everywhere on how to debug it directly and haven't found it, if anyone has ha the same issue, maybe its a version thing, please let me know!

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The IDE has changed since some videos were made. debug50 is the new debugger tool that was introduced in the fall. There is also a section on debug50 in the week2 lecture at around 22 minutes.

  • Thank you! I've seen it there's a 'run and debug' button on top of their interface but I can't find that on mine, I'm making it work using gdb though thank you!
    – NBrunoB
    Feb 7, 2017 at 0:52

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