I have two questions arising from this problem set which I think can eventually help me with implementing my final project:

  1. Atop every page of the stock trading website, whether it be the LOGIN, REGISTER, INDEX, QUOTE, BUY, SELL, and HISTORY pages, sits a horizontal bar with a colorful "C$50 Finance" as well as different keywords that, when clicked, bring the user to the corresponding page. I did not write the code that brings up that bar in any of my HTML template though. Why is it there? (If this bar is pre-written as part of the specification of this program set, how do you create this bar at the first place?)

  2. It seems that all users who registered for my stock trading website have the same set of urls. For instance, the urls to User A and User B's QUOTE pages are the same - http://ide50-xxx.cs50.io/quote, xxx being my CS50 username. How can I change my code so that each user has his/her own unique set of urls, so that, for example, User C's url to her SELL page is http://ide50-chanchunhei.cs50.io/yyysell, yyy being her own username on my stock trading website?

Any help will be fantastic, grazie!

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I can't help you with the second question, although whilst working on this project I perused a lot of Flask/Python/Bootstrap tutorials which touched on the issue.

The top menu is coded in the layout.html file, and the specific formatting is done via the Bootstrap framework which is a pre-existing design template, and a CSS file in your finance directory. This is the basic template for every page you will design - your designs will be added into this template.

  • Thanks for the input. Now let's wait for someone to help with the second question. @Sameer
    – Alex Chan
    Commented Jul 11, 2017 at 4:42

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