How can I enable my CS50 Web repo to be hosted on GitHub Pages?

There is no Settings tab on my CS50 Web repository on GitHib. As such I cannot enable the repo for GitHub Pages as shown at the end of Lecture 0. I've followed the instructions on the Project 0 page, granting staff authorisation to access my submissions etc. using my pre-existing Github account. A repository and initial commit were created by CS50 Bot <bot@cs50.harvard.edu>. However, the repository is private, and does not seem to be "owned" by my GitHub account, and thus does not show the Settings tab which is needed to enable GitHub pages.

While working in Project 0, I've been pushing my code to https://github.com/me50/USERNAME.git as directed, and created a branch web50/projects/2019/x/0 as directed. Although I'm almost finished Project 0 and plan to submit soon, I'd love to have it available on GitHub pages - both to show a friend, and because it was mentioned at the end of Lecture 0 (Git).

There is no Settings tab as for other repos in my GitHub account. This may be because the repo is not "owned" by my GitHub account. E.g. my GitHub URL is https://github.com/USERNAME, but the one for my CS50 repo is https://github.com/me50/USERNAME, so they may be unrelated to each other.

I've tried resetting my GitHub password, as well as following the authorsation instructions a second time, although it now jumps straight to my submissions page, so presumably that is working.

What do I need to do to access the Setting tab and get my CS50 Web repo available as a GitHub pages site?

  • Can we host the web-pages created for project0 and further projects on github pages so that they can be seen by our friends? May 12, 2020 at 11:41

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Your are correct. You are pushing to a repo which is not owned by you . Just create a repo in your github account and push to it . Then you cab publish it as a github page .


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