Hello Dear Coders,

I'm in charge of a radiology center (Xray imaging) and we need a cross server system to get patient datas with images.

For the CS50 final exam I wish to build a "test" server for processing data with SQL.

I want to train myself with a real case (true server, true data, true pain).

Our 2 systems to link:

Medicale image from the device (GE Xray system): around 4Mo per image (DICOM) for a total of 600Go.

A Working Oracle server with patient data table that I'll import (.dbf => .db) manualy.

I want to join those 2.

What to do:

1 Copy the DICOM image => Extract the data (python) => file a DB (SQLite)

2 Copy the working Oracle table => convert to SQL (python) => file the DB (SQLite)

3 Join the table (SQLite)

4 Not sure I got enouth time for an interface (WEB based)

Max 10 users.

I think about a RAID1 for data. I want to start with SQLite process then jump on PostgreSQL

Parts I got :

I3 8100 cache 6Mo 4core/4tread 3.6GHz.

8Gb DDR4


A bunch of SSD (240Gb SSD M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 4x and 3 "normal" SATA SSDs)

A desktop mother board support RAID (not a true hardware RAID but cheap)

PSU Seasonic 650W

A windows server 2016 licence (I deal a bit with windows server but I wish to learn linux server administration => more pain more gain).

Question 1: Do this case could fit the examen needs (without the WEB interface)?

Question 2: Do these parts will be OK for a server?

Question 3: What OS for the server (do a Linux administration is too hard?) ?

All advices are welcome

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If you're building a "sandbox" environment, with 10 users, just about any two modern computers with decent memory (not minimal) will work. Just make sure they meet the minimum requirements of the software installed, plus about 20% or more for memory and combined total disk space plus 20% or more of the requirements. That also means not the bare minimum on a system with more than one software package installed. For instance, with Oracle on a box, it will need enough memory to support the OS, Oracle, any other software package, and a little more to support users. The more you exceed requirements, the better.

If you're talking about a real production environment and not a test environment, then it's a totally different story and you need to consult an expert.

  • Thanks a lot. I'll try with the i3 and 8GB DDR and 2TB RAID 1. I'll check the CPU and memory usage during heavy load usage. Should I closed the post an open a new one for the other question 1 and 3 ?
    – saquiel
    Jan 22, 2020 at 10:04

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