While I was working on pset4/recover I couldn't make it work as desired, so I wanted to check the first few bytes of card.raw manually. I double-clicked the file and now my cs50 IDE never loads and crashes the browser.

Is there any way to fix this? Thanks

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The IDE isn't able to recognize the card.raw file as something that can be opened as any particular file type. When I double-click on it, the IDE hangs, as you experienced. My browser didn't crash (Firefox), it gave me a popup error message after it timed out. Yours may have actually crashed, I can't explain that.

However, if you right click on the file name and select "Open as hexadecimal" from the popup menu, you should get what you want. If not, leave a comment.

Hope this helps. ;-)

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    Hi, indeed the browser did not crash but it was the IDE, same as you. I did not know the "Open as hex" option, so thanks.
    – nico_so
    Oct 8, 2021 at 13:01

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