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scourgify Lesson6 Problem Set check50 errors

Description I have been working on this solution for a couple of weeks now. I wrote the code to satisfy all requirements described in the problem set in about three hours. The rest of the time has ...
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CS50 pset4 filters/less check50 error

I am trying to check my code using check50 but it gives me the error But when I am compiling it and running it from the terminal it runs just fine. My code for helper.c is #include "helpers....
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This is my code for the Population problem and I can't figure out why my code is failing. It seems that I am getting one more year than the required

#include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { // TODO: Prompt for start size float startSize; do { startSize = get_int("Start Size: "); } ...
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CS50P, Problem Set 6, CS50 P-Shirt – what more does check50 need here?

I am working through CS50P, just finishing off Problem Set 6. The last problem in the set is entitled: CS50 P-Shirt. I can see that my program creates images exactly as required, and it ...
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Pset3 Plurality Check50 claims code doesnt output the winner

I know there is a question similar to this one, but the code is quite different and the if statement is being used differently. I was going through my code for Pset 3 Plurality, and it behaves ...
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4 answers

PSET5 Speller: Check50 Can't Compile: Exit code 2 vs 0

At my wit's end here. I've seen this question asked before, but I haven't really found an answer. My speller program compiles perfectly fine in the VS Code workspace. It generates the same results as ...
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Pset2(readability) problem in check50

[![can someone help me with this error in check50 cause I don't understand what's wrong!!][1]][1] this is a problem in check50, I was trying to check pset2 readability & I don't know what's wrong ...
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Pset 2 (Substitution), time out (handling of incorrect chars)

The below code lost a mark; check50 gave the explanation just below. A different time-out query (by Abhijit) appears to have had a different cause. The check50 line used: check50 cs50/problems/2021/x/...
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check50 errors for "buy" and "sell"

I get below errors from check50: :( buy handles invalid ticker symbol application raised an exception (see the log for more details) :( buy handles fractional, negative, and non-numeric shares ...
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CS50 Lab6 taking too long to run when trying to run the code

For Lab6 the code I have written seems to have problems running. Even with check50 it tells me that "check50 is taking longer than usual". I am unable to figure out what is wrong with my ...
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pset4 filter (more) edge not passing check50

this is my code for Edge, and it's not passing check50. below are the errors I got. any help is appreciated. :( edges correctly filters middle pixel expected "210 150 60\n", not "28 202 ...
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1 answer

pset4 filter blur

I have written the following code for blur . // Blur image void blur(int height, int width, RGBTRIPLE image[height][width]) { for ( int h=0 ; h<height ; h++) { for ( int w=0 ; ...
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pset6 DNA: check50 ran into an error while running checks! at checking ' exists!'

The code runs for all 20 sequences on the terminal but during submit50/check50, it runs into an error with the following log: the code is attached for reference. import csv import sys if __name__ ==...
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