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Not able to see GameObjects like : Helicopter, Airplane, Skyscrapers including Coins

I started project 8 I am facing an issue/bug in unity, that I cannot see few Game-objects like Helicopter, Skyscrapers including Coins. Take a look at this print:- Any help will be appreciated.
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1 answer

Can't render correct font size and isDown movement in LOVE (Pong 3 - Paddle Movement update)

I was implementing Pong - 3 update (GD50) but got stuck in the paddle movement and font size rendering in LOVE. I cross checked the whole code from GD50 repo. On checking LOVE resources, I couldn't ...
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1 answer

Updating a game from GD50 then submitting it

So I have no ideas exactly how to make an actual game from scratch, but I did something else. In GD50, Pong was the 1st game rebuilt, and I decided "Hey, I like this game. I'll just make my own ...
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GD50 - Breakout | Bad Argument #2 (Quad expected, got nill)

This problem is about adding a new Powerup feature to the Breakout game. I literally did what Colton did. The things what I did; "GenerateQuadsPowerups" function in Util, A new Powerup class, ...
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Problem with getting assignment8 to work on Unity

I'm at assignment 8 of cs50games (or gd50, not sure which name is preferred), Helicopter game, the first one using Unity, and I'm having trouble opening the project. Sadly the assignment project wasn'...
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Love2D Game not loading

When I try and load a game on Love2D (for GD50), I am unable to get the game to work. I know that there is no problem in the code, as I tried with different codes, even with code downloaded from the ...
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