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In pset3, why do we write #include "bmp.h" and not #include <bmp.h>?

In pset3, I noticed that while cs50.h and stdio.h were included the usual way we encountered so far, bmp.h was included differently. I'm guessing bmp.h is not a part of the standard header files that ...
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1 answer

Why do we write #include "structs.h"?

Why do we have to include the header structs.h every time we use structures? Why it should be included as #include "structs.h" not as #include <structs.h>?
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2 answers

nanosleep function Implicit deceleration

I am working on my Final Project and I need to use the nanosleep function which suspends my program for a specified number of seconds. I tried to test this function first before using it in my actual ...
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Unexpected errors while assigning variables

I just began taking the CS50x course, and while tweaking the programs used on the lectures I came accross a very unpleasant obstacle. I followed the exact same steps and recreated the exact same ...
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String error #include <cs50.h>

I am getting: error: unknown type name 'string'; did you mean 'string'? string name = "Seth"; I am using VMware with the cs50 appliance, I ran update50. I've tried running it in both gedit ...
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How does #include work?

I'm curious as to how including libraries via #include and #include actually work. These libraries do not seem to be already saved on our appliance (I may be mistaken). So how does geddit/clang ...
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