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Why I can't make one event handler to three elements with its ID? [JQuery]

I want to trigger one function every time that the user types something in one of my desire elements (username, password or confirmation) for that, I try to implement this line of code: //Disabling ...
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CS50 Finance: Register unique username (/check) problem: pythion GET function not working

I am working on the new /check additional on the Finance problem. I am trying to prevent the register form from being submitted when the username is already taken, is empty, or is just one character. ...
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Pset 8 - Jquery of addMarker

I'm having some issues displaying the list of articles on my marker. I've definitely managed to get it to work and display things inside, but I think there's an issue with the syntax on my jquery ...
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What purpose does "eventData" serve in the pset8 source code "$("#q").focus(function(eventData)"?

I have read the jQuery documentation on .focus() as per the pset8 instructions. However, I still do not fully understand the code below: // hide info window when text box has focus $("#q").focus(...
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CS50 Final Project: Enabling a form button

So in a separate html form, I created a textarea (id: blog) and a button (id: final). I would like to disable that button when the length of the textarea is below 500, and enable it when such a length ...
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How to make a "div" clickable using Jquery

How to make a div clickable using Jquery? I tried to do the below but nothing happens, why? $(".delete").on("click", function() { $(this).closest(".card").remove(); }); }) full code: $(...
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Stuck on final project

I am implementing a tic-tac-toe AI in jquery. I am almost done, but I seem to have a problem with my check_winner() function. It is basicly the same thing as the c version. It checks rows, cols, ...
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PSet8; Why am I getting this error in my Gedit?

Just like all the psets before starting pset8 I started to practice some examples from a book, the first program I wrote is giving me this error on my editor but yet the code is running can anyone ...
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Final project: How to submit form without going to another page with Ajax/jquery?

I have a contact form where a user fills it out and takes them to another page thanking them after they hit the submit button. I was wondering how to just have the thank you message appear on the same ...
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jQuery syntax help

In looking through the source code and through examples online, I keep coming across something like: $.getJSON("test.php", parameters) .done(function (data) { // code for success }) While I can ...
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jQuery form field validation?

I finished all my psets, and was working on trying to implement some javascript in with the PHP forms we built in pset7. It seems that by building the template and the view based upon the CS50 ...
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