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Falling to put hashes in every line in mario.c

Here is a pseudocode for this program: For 0 times print spaces For 1 time print newline For Height + 1 times print hash For 0 times print spaces: for (spaces = 0; spaces > Height; spaces--). ...
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pset1 not printing hashes for mario

Please try to understand the pset questions, once you do take small steps and write down problem requirements in word and then transform those into the code exactly as per the specifications. Follow ...
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Hash tables running time

Let's assume at first that we want to store all the users in a database. In the first case we use the first letter of their name as the index value, and we link the user behind the previous one, if ...
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Hash tables running time

Your conclusion of "But this is not true. Right? Because if each element is inserted at one index in the hash table then it is as good as my linked list. Right?" is incorrect. If you have what is ...
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