In short, I took CS50x when it was last offered, everything through EdX, I actually found out late, and tried to clear CS50x in two weeks in order to achieve the honor code certificate from HarvardX.

So, I had unexpected turn out of events back then, and I only managed to do everything but the final project, I think I probably had 2 Psets that needed some fixes to get 100% and thus my score was automatically 0. I decided to take it again, thought it might have different tasks, however they are exactly the same.

I was wondering if it was ok, and it wasn't against some sort of academic honesty or honor code to resubmit the work I had already done for the previous CS50x task, It is MY work and I can testify it because I never unregistered from the course.

Bottom Line Question:

Can I submit my work exactly the same as the last time I took the course? Has anything changed material wise, should I do something to my work? What's the drill?

P.D: If I were to finish CS50x, Would I have to wait until 31st of December to get my honor code certificate?

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The FAQs on the Courseware page address this question:

If I took CS50x last year, can I re-submit (some) of my problem sets?:

Yes, just realize that some of 2014’s problem sets are new, and some are a bit different. Be sure to read each problem set’s spec to be sure your code is consistent with 2014’s expectations.

I took CS50x in the first session (2012-2013) and have redone it this year. Here are the changes I noticed:

2012's list:

  • Problem Set 0 - Scratch [unchanged]
  • Problem Set 1 - Mario & Greedy [unchanged]
  • Problem Set 2 - Caesar & Vigenere [unchanged]
  • Problem Set 3 - Scramble [replaced with Find/Fifteen]
  • Problem Set 4 - Resize/Recover [this is now PSET5]
  • Problem Set 5 - Speller [this is now PSET6]
  • Problem Set 6 - Huff n Puff [not in this year's at all]
  • Problem Set 7 - CS50 Finance [unchanged]

New this year:

  • Problem Set 3 - Find/Fifteen
  • Problem Set 4 - Breakout
  • Problem Set 8 - CS50 Shuttle

So, overall, you'll have 3 new psets to do.

The Courseware page also mentions that if you submit all your work in time, certificates will be issued in September 2014. Otherwise, they will be issued after 31 Dec 2014.

Welcome back! -Brenda.


It would seem from cs50.tv that there will be two new psets for the 2015 version of cs50x:

pset6: Web Server

pset8: Mashup

  • Readers should note that cs50x is not guaranteed to follow the exact same syllabus as cs50.
    – Air
    Dec 25, 2014 at 19:27
  • i am planning to start this course just now. is it recommended to wait for January 2016 in my case?
    – user9671
    Sep 22, 2015 at 9:29

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