i have submitted 4 out of 6 assignments from cs50's understanding technology. grades of the first assignment were given the next day of submission. but then it didn't give me any grades for the rest of 3 assignments even after almost 2 weeks. is there something wrong?

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Grades for many of the CS50 classes other than the core CS50 Into to Computer Science, are done by an actual person and not by an automated system. They tend to grade in batches every 3 or so weeks. For my CS50 Web course, I know it took almost 3-4 weeks for a lab to be graded due to when I submitted compared to the next rotation of grading. So, I would give it a little more time.

But, if you are still concerned, you could always check the FAQ for your course regarding it's specific grading timeline and then reach out to the course's staff with any concerns.

Hope that helps. If it does, feel free to click the check mark next to my answer accept it. But if not, let me know and I can try to help further.

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