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iterate pagerank issue in cs50ai pagerank project

My PageRank results from iteration come up more than .001 off the initial sampling result but I am not sure where I went wrong. please see code below followed by results. Any help would be greatly ...
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What do we mean by "close" auction.?

In the Project, one of the objectives is: If the user is signed in and is the one who created the listing, the user should have the ability to “close” the auction from this page, which makes the ...
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CS50W - Django Forms vs HTML Forms

CS50W 2020 - Project 2 - Commerce How come in lecture 3 ( Django forms are used, but in lecture 4 (like here:
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Please help with socketio messaging

I can't seem to get a message sent to the server and then added to my html document as a list item using socketio. I get to type in a message and click the send button, but then nothing happens. As ...
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CS50W Project2: communication between SocketIO and JavaScript

I'm trying to get new channel names input by the user to 1) show up on the screen in an unordered list and 2) also show up on other users' screens. I tried to closely follow the template that was used ...
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How to simulate different users using only one machine

I am using LocalStorage to save the display name and it does remember the display name after the browser is closed. However to simulate different users on the same machine chatting to each other, I ...
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Disable caching of css and js file in flask on Safari or Chrome?

Is there any way so that on refresh it loads css , js file automatically in flask . I am using MacOS and using two browser Safari and Chrome . Currently on safari I have to clear cache and refresh the ...
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CS50 Web Development Project 2 Attribute Error: module 'engineio' has no attribute 'WSGIApp'

This is my first time trying to run flask on Linux, I've made projects 0 and 1 in Windows 7. I've been able to run Project 2 on Windows, right before I switched to Linux. As I enter "flask run" on the ...
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Getting the server to remember a user display name (cs50W project2)

so i've made other web applications that remember information about the user via login. However project 2 does not states the need to login, only that his display name should be remember when he ...
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Issue with CS50W's Project2 - submitted text not passed to chat window

I have a problem regarding passing posted messages into the proper field and presenting them to the user. The app is supposed to transfer the text submitted in "messenger" into the "messages" so to ...
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CS50 Web programming with python: project2

When i'm running 'flask run' from the terminal window, I'm getting '* Serving Flask-SocketIO app "application"', however I don't get further provided with an URL!? Anyone any thought on that what the ...
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