I've been having some issues with the appliance and want to emulate the environment on my Ubuntu 14.10 box. I have cs50.h working fine but would like to have check50 installed as well.

I've followed the various steps for getting check50 installed, however the repo for check50 is no longer valid and the forks I've found I suspect are unmaintained/outdated.

Does anyone know where to grab the latest sources for check50?

Edit 1:

I found the dpkg for check50 in the appliance. Problem is it is 32 bit, not 64. Back to the drawing board....

  • Hi I had a similar problem, my library's or check50 would not work until I asked a question on here, It was suggested to me to update my appliance using the terminal in ubuntu. Have you tried this yet? Jan 19 '15 at 16:14

Use my CS50 Linux tools.


Run sudo sh cs50_setup_ubuntu.sh and all CS50 tools (CS50 C library, check50) will be installed on your system.


You can use this - https://github.com/menatankush/check50 Instructions are posted below code as readme. Follow each step and you'll have working check50 within minutes.

  • Will these tools work with Rasbian? Not quite Ubuntu.
    – user7039
    May 4 '15 at 3:16

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