I installed cs50 appliance 2014 os from its iso disk on my laptop as dual boot along with windows 8. There are a lot of issues with the machine here. The 1st is that my touhpad is not working(not even showing in devices). The second being I can't find a way to connect it to internet. Wifi is not working, it can't detect my phone over USB so I can't use USB modem.

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Installation of CS50-customized Ubuntu goes best if you can give your computer a wired connection before starting and arrange for it to receive an IP address automatically from the connected router or another DHCP server.

Alternatively, try to make a wired connection immediately after the installation. Ignore the "missing network adapter" message on the appliance screen. There is a network interface configured by default, and it will work with a wired connection, though not, as you've discovered, with wireless.

If you can get a network connection by using a cable, then open a terminal and run these commands:

sudo  apt-get  update
sudo  apt-get  install  network-manager

After the network-manager package is installed, edit /etc/network/interfaces by running the command:

sudo  gedit  /etc/network/interfaces

Erase each line that mentions eth0. The aim is to leave only the configuration of the loopback interface (lo) and no others. Save the file and quit out of gedit.

Now restart the computer (50 Menu > Log Out > Restart) and when it's just beginning to boot up again, disconnect the network cable. Network manager should start the wireless radio and give you instructions for choosing a wireless network. Do that, then open Chrome and check whether you can browse the web.

Later, you can plug in the cable again if you wish. Network manager will recognize that and start handling the second connection on interface eth0, despite your having erased mentions of eth0 from the interfaces file.

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