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jumping into a google image search

I recognize that to jump into a search we use the input in html as given to us: <form class="search" action=""> <input class="search_txt&...
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Can I just copy the Google source code to get a head start? (P1)

In CS50W 2020: Project 0, I have to make a resemblance of Google Search, and its image and advanced counterparts. I don't feel like doing much scavenging, so what I want to do is to copy the whole ...
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How To Make A Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button For CS50 Project 0

In the project 0 requirements, it says that I need a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button. I am not sure on how to make one. Does anyone know how to make a "I'm Feeling lucky" button. ...
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How do I create an advanced query page using HTML and CSS? Should I use any other langauges to make it a faster process?

How do I create an advanced query in HTML and CSS? I have to create a front end similar to Google and have already outfitted the first two pages, it's the 3rd page, the advanced query page that I need ...
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Pset8 This page can't load Google Maps correctly

I tried to load my map today but I got an error message saying: This page can't load Google Maps correctly. When I look into Google documentation it seems that this is linked to billing being not ...
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need some help with my google maps

I am making a customized google map in my cs50 final project which is served by a flask route and it just doesnt work. Surprisingly, I see no errors in the console so, my js seems to be fine but ...
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signing in with google plus

I signed up in EDX with my google plus account but when I want to download Cs50 appliance it wants my email and password even though I'm already signed in. It also doesn't accept my google login. what ...
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Uploading to

hey guys trying to upload files to but cannot login .. I logged into edx with my google account and i am having problems.. any ideas ?
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Pset8 Mashup Map Not loading

Hey guys hoping to get some help with a tricky issue here. Do to certain circumstances I had to take a break from cs50 in the middle of pset8. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I’m just getting back to ...
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Google Maps doesn't show map after cache cleared

While slowly implementing the solution for pset8, i wanted to check if the typeahead function was working well. It did not, and in some post i read that clearing the cache could just solve the problem....
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Unable to login, to submit pset0. Signed in with Google

I am not able to login to, and cannot submit a pset. I signed in and enrolled using the google-signin-option. I saw one user who had this problem as well. Are there others here signed in ...
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Google Chrome Error - Your Connection is Not Private

Chrome browser within appliance only works at certain addresses - and even localhost. However, searching via Google Omnibar or even trying to load the Google home page results in the ...
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